Twin River Guard

About Us

We are local reenactors from Geraldton, Western Australia, who have an interest in re-creating, experiencing and living history. We predominantly focus in the European historical era from the beginning of the Viking Migration Period (the first recorded Viking raid in England at Lindisfarne in 793AD), through the so called Dark Ages to the end of the Medieval period (commonly accepted as 1600AD).

The Twin River Guard is open to, and welcoming of, anyone who is interested in researching history and living it! Eventually it is hoped that our website and forum will become a mecca for history enthusiasts, for both history students and teachers for research, and for the organisation of events.

If you would like more information, please contact the Sénéchal, Einar Firebeard (Karl Edwards)

Article by Jane Kennedy (21st July 2011)

Jane Kennedy from the ABC visited the Twin River Guard where she interviewed several members of the Guard. The writeup, images and the audio from the interview can be found on the ABC local website. Click here to see and hear the ABC Twin River Guard Interview

High Council Profiles

Thane (William Reign: 6th July 2014 - Current)


(William Fowler)

Lord William migrated to Geraldton in October 2011. His first weekend in town coincided with the Geraldton Sunshine Festival where he first encountered the Twin River Guard. Later that night saw William firmly ensconced on watch as a fully fledged TRG member with the Sénéchal Einar, sipping from his newly acquired drinking horn with much merriment. Nay a day has been regretted since.

William’s main focus has been that of combat. In particular the wielding of the formidable two handed Dane axe much to the dismay of his opponents oft’ associated with cries of I hate that thing! William hath proven himself a formidable foe in many combat formats both in regular training sessions and in a number of tournaments to date.

As Thane of the Twin River Guard, William aims to maintain unity within the TRG and to ensure all aspects of reenactment are equally available to those who wish to participate in any given area be it combat, archery or the Arts & Sciences. William’s passion and enthusiasm for reenactment is a boon which flows into his dealings on the High Council.



Einar Firebeard

(Karl Edwards)

Hailing from a land to the far North and imbued by the saga's of warriors, Einar went a wandering through many lands before finding a small group of similarly minded warriors and there settled in a place where new saga's were waiting to be written. Over time Einar became a valued member of the group and advisor to the Thanes of the Twin River Guard.

Although only actively reenacting since July 2010, Einar has always had a keen interest in the Medieval period. Einar and his wife Sigyn were married in 2002 in a Medieval Handfasting ceremony where they had an Honour Guard of two New Varangian Guards.

Einar is interested in reenacting all aspects of Medieval times but is particularly inclined towards the combat and archery aspects.

Recently earning himself the name Firebeard due to his penchant to fire (including setting himself alight once), you can bet that Where there’s smoke, there’s Einar!

Email: or
Mobile: 0417 952 916

High Marshal


(Jeff Knight)

Thord, like his predecessor Olaf, was a member of the New Varangian Guard of Dyrrachium. With the disbanding of the NVG Thord put a great deal of his spare time into volunteering for the SES.

With the forming of a new Guard the Call to Arms has gone out and Thord has once more taken up Medieval Reenactment.


High Scholar

Sigyn in ljósa

(Kerstine Edwards)

I have been a member of the TRG for five years and as the years have passed I've found that my interest in medieval reenactment has grown. It makes it fun knowing that my husband Einar and our children Elisif and Asfrid are also keen members. I enjoy the fact that we can all enjoy this as a family and with a circle of amazing, eclectic friends.

I enjoy both combat and archery as well as the arts and sciences-including sewing, learning to embroider, painting and cooking. The more I learn, the more I want to learn and try my hand at different skills.

It's been an enjoyable and rewarding five years and as High Scholar I am keen to help new and old members learn more about medieval reenactment and to have as much fun as I do!


Past Thane's

Third Thane (Reign: 21st July 2013 - 6th July 2014)


(David Freeman)

Life is a series of choices.

During my late teen to early twenties, I enjoyed history with a Sydney Live Action Role Play group, reenacting Dungeons & Dragons adventures and battle scenes. I also did a lot of adventure sports, even gaining an award from the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I have a keen interest in entertainment that is physically engaging and educational.

I have been running my own business in Geraldton for the last ten years repairing & accessorising cars - I love 'hands-on' things! Previously I have been a committee member of the Geraldton Sunshine Festival and along with Karen Noble, kicked off the Midwest Show and Shine.

Geraldton is a great town that needs activities that ensconce positive physical and mental capacities, like the twin River Guard. I am happy to turn my energies to my old love of reenactment. Medieval reenactment is a chance for all of us to enjoy friendships, sports and historical experience adding colour to our life-story.

Second Thane (Reign: 27th March 2011 - 21st July 2013)

Esa inghean Aodhán

(Shelly Richardson)

Esa inghean Aodhán is from an ancient line of swordsmen and women who protected the South from the ravaging hordes. Sent North to learn the ways of lawful civilization, she served the ruling Thane as the Keeper of the Purse and eventually, his Keeper of Records and High Scholar.

But as time passed, the Thane departed his throne, and Esa stood forth to defend the Twin River Guard. She now takes up the mantle of Thane, gathering the folk of the Twin River Guard to arms and arrows and encouraging the Guilds to flourish amongst the populace.

Shelley Richardson has been re-enacting since 1998, joining the active SCA group in Perth, Western Australia. She began as a fledgling rapier fighter and eventually became (at the time) the only female White Scarf of Lochac. (Google is your friend). Arts and Sciences and archery were also of interest, and for a couple of years, a heavy combatant in the SCA rattan combat style. As a teacher, she was moved to Geraldton and was a part of the fledgling TRG when it first formed in January 2010.

Founding Thane (Reign: 20th June 2010 - 27th March 2011)
Twin River Guard Founding Member

Jökel Gráfeldr

(Martin Lambert)

I have several years of Historical Reenactment experience with the New Varangian Guard and the Jomsvikings, based in Melbourne, Australia.

My main focus is on both Eastern and Western European Vikings circa. 700AD to 1100AD, and seek to portray a middle-class freeman and also an average warrior of the time. I also have a strong interest in the crafting aspects of re-enactment, and especially love working with horn to reproduce some of the items the Vikings would have historically used.