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Archaeological finds of arrowheads indicates that archery may have been around as early as 50,000BC and were most probably made from sticks and gut.

Throughout the intervening years mankind has perfected the design and manufacture of both the bow and the arrow, both of which come in many forms depending on the use they are to be put to. The bow and arrow, in it's various forms has been used as an effective weapon on the battlefield since before recorded time and has been decisive in many fields of battle inflicting horrendous wounds.

Today we, the Twin River Guard simply use the bow and arrow for target shoots and the occasional combat shoot - an area we hope to expand on in the future.

Target Shoot

A target shoot is in it's simplest form, shooting an arrow at a stationary target at a predefined range.

We currently employ Welsh style longbows of around 30-35 pounds and are looking to bring in some lighter bows for our more petite Guards.

As Archery is still in it's infancy for us, we are honing our skills at 15 and 20 metre ranges on standard 60cm targets.

Speed Shoot

A Speed Shoot is the same as a target shoot, but with a time limit placed on the shoot.

If facing a large army an archer would not have to worry about picking individual targets, but would instead get as many targets into the ranks of the enemy as possible. Speed would be paramount in this situation, with a leeser emphasis placed on actual accuracy.

Fortunately we do not have to worry about being killed in battle so we can work more on accuracy than actual numbers of arrows shot during a given time frame. The best way to run a Speed Shoot is to take your time and work on proficiency rather than the number of arrows you can get in flight.

Combat Archery

Combat Archery is conducted with low poundage bows firing a combat arrow with a rubber stopper attached. The target is well protected with a minimum armour requirement of breastplate, neck protection and fully enclosed helm.

I can tell you from experience that it is great fun but very hard to prevent yourself from flinching when you see an arrow coming straight at you, even with the knowledge that you are well protected.

What amazes me is how much more accurate our archers become when a live target presents itself. Maybe there is something in that!

Archery Images