Twin River Guard

Camping Weekend - June 2013

Midwinter Camping Weekend 2013
(June 2013)

We were again honoured to host the Midwinter Camping Weekend at the Hampton Arms Inn for another action packed Medieval weekend. Amongst this year’s attendees were 16 Grey Company members, Ragnarr of Ravenshold and Olwen of Shelford of the SCA, Ragnvald and Dianne from WAMA, and the majority of the guard.

Continuing to solidify bond between various Western Australian reenactment groups we kicked of the weekend with a few quiet ales and a hearty stew around a roaring campfire. The ales were, of course, for medicinal purposes in order to dull a few aches and pains from the backbreaking labour of setting up camp. That's my excuse, prove otherwise!

As usual, great quantities of dead animal (bacon being the animal of choice) was consumed and once hearts were started people began gearing up for the paired combat tournament, which was taken out by William and Sam by 1 bout. The day wound down at feast with delights made by Brian & Judy of the Hampton Arms Inn washed down with ale's, mead and drinks various to the ribald tunes and songs from our very own Virides Manicae.

The very first Arts and Science competition was held during the feast with about 30 entries ranging from a hand whittled wooden spoon, through embroidering to metal smithing. Arts weren’t confined to physical objects with the 1st prize with a song both written and sung by Beomia

There was plenty of combat and training conducted with a variety of weapons, and the usual archery tournament which was this year taken out by Stefan from Grey Company in what can only be described as a grudge match against Einar (the winner of last years tournament).

The juniors were not forgotten either where the field was contested by a goodly number of combatants and archers aplenty ensuring the next generation of group members are coming along well with their marshal skills. Sunday afternoon saw many of the same juniors vanish for a couple of hours with Arvid and Sigyn when they were told to go fly a kite which they took quite literally.

All who attended have expressed intensions of coming back again next year as such a good time was had by all. Hopefully we can make next years Midwinter camping better still...

The Encampment

The Feast

The Combat

The Archery

Kite Flying