Twin River Guard

Camping Weekend - May/June 2014

Midwinter Camping Weekend 2014
(May/June 2014)

Our fourth annual June camping weekend was a roaring success once again with the weather gods showing their approval for the four day event.

Friday was the usual set up followed by hearty stew with many people arriving from the south throughout the night including Grey Company and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) members.

Saturday morning saw combat training, sparring and melee. After lunch (a fine repast) the combat tournament was held. The tournament was again fought in pairs with five pairs participating. In a closely fought competition that came down to the third pass in a tie-break, Lord William and Lord Damien emerged victorious. A finely contested junior tournament followed with Lord Edward narrowly beating Lady Claire.

Breaking with tradition, Saturday night we were fed a magnificent historically sourced menu by Lady Esa (with help from Ladies Cordelia, Elswyth and Kelda). Entertainment was provided by an unexpected pyrotechnic display from the barbeque. Although not the cause, Lord Einar, now styled Firebeard, cemented his reputation for pyromania by rescuing the kitchen tent and extinguishing the fire.

Sunday morning the archery competitions were run concurrently. Boris the bear made another much welcomed appearance, but it was the animal round that proved the decider in that tournament, with Lord Stefan taking victory once more (he and second placed Lord Einar apparently have an arrangement of reciprocity with inter-group tournaments as Lord Einar is currently Grey Company archery champion). Lord Zac was the winner of the juniors, which saw the largest contingent of young archers we've ever had.

Wood carving with Ragnar and a workshop on veils by Catherine D'Arc occupied many throughout the afternoon, while others did more combat training and archery practice. A number of the juniors entered a Quest, answering questions about the Hampton Arms and Medieval History. Ladies Ellisif and Willow were the winners answering the most questions correctly.

Sunday night's feast was another triumph by the Hampton Arms. Between courses we enjoyed entertainment from Virides Manicae, and entertainments offered up by those who “won” forfeits in pass-the-parcel. Lady Sandra and Lord Bill's duet was particularly pleasing to the ear, while Lord Thord's self-penned A Viking Lad saw all present joining in the chorus. The Arts and Sciences competition was won by Lady Esa with a painted shield, which was later presented to Brian (the Red) and can now be viewed by all travellers who patronise the bar of the Hampton Arms.

The weekend ended all too soon. It was a most enjoyable time, and as with last year there are only two questions that can be asked - can next year possibly be better?, and what will be set on fire next?

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