Twin River Guard

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival 2011 (8th & 9th October)

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival
(8th & 9th October 2011)

An encampment was set up first thing Saturday morning comprising of two tents, a marquee, combat arena and an axe & spear throwing area.

Saturday saw a steady stream of spectators come to watch the combat displays put on by Lord Einar, Lord Olaf, Lady Sigyn and Lords and Ladies recently commencing of their training. A collection of replica and functional arms and armour was available for inspection and questions abounded.

At 1PM all participants of the Sunshine Festival began what to some felt like a forced march from the Old Railway Station to Maitland Park. It was heard from among the ranks A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse!, the culprit was never discovered as when questioned the Guard closed ranks as was to be expected.

After more displays of arms, Guard members settled back for an evening of brazier lit relaxation while animal cooked to perfection on the fire. The odd ale and mead were enjoyed alongside good conversation throughout the night.

Sunday proved a much quieter day as some of the Festival participants scheduled to perform at Maitland Park cancelled at the very last. The Guard put on more displays of combat and training, and continued fielding queries from interested folk while Lord Thord and Lady Svanhildr continued to enthral folk with the axe & spear throwing.

With much thanks to Marty the purveyor of Sideshow Ally, Guard members were able to try their hand out at jousting from the bumper cars and Lord Einar captured a rare Unicorn in the shooting gallery with his trusty longbow Arrowbite

From the very outset, the TRG has received a great deal of media coverage appearing in both the Midwest Times and the Geraldton Guardian and has to date secured six new Guard members from this event. HUZZAH to everyone for the massive effort put in during these two harrowing days. Without your efforts this event would not have been the success it has been.


The Encampment


Sideshow Ally

General Pictures

No Unicorns were injured or killed during the Sunshine Festival!