Twin River Guard

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival 2012 (6th & 7th October)

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival
(6th & 7th October 2012)

Saturday morning saw a hive of activity as Guards busily set up a campsite in Maitland Park comprising of two marquees, a tent, combat arena and an axe & spear throwing area.

The parade saw a great turnout of both participants and spectators as it wound its way from the Port Authority car park back to Maitland Park. An impromptu photo shoot followed with civilians and guard members as well as Storm Troopers from the 501st.

Displays of arms were presented through out the afternoon leading into a quiet evening filled with conversation while the dead animal cooked with mouth watering smells purveying the area.

Sunday saw the Guard run through plenty of training while a few spectators looked on, before packing down at midday.

Once again the TRG received good media coverage appearing in both the Midwest Times and the Geraldton Guardian. HUZZAH to everyone for the massive effort put in during these two harrowing days. Without your efforts this event would not have been the success it has been.


The Encampment

The Parade